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Kevin Morris 

Having been raised in Liverpool and the oldest of 2 boys, Kevin was always the most outspoken. He was also a sensitive soul, whilst his Mother often said that he was an old soul. 


Throughout the years Kevin has experienced a number of challenges from losing people close to home to losing a business which resulted in putting him on extremely hard times.


These, in some instance’s tragic circumstances, taught Kevin to look for ways to deal with his battles of depression and anxiety ensuring that he could remain strong for his family and in particular his two daughters. 


Continuing with his 17-year career in truck driving working long hours, Kevin always felt that there was something more for him to do.

Kevin finally became aware of Angelic Reiki Healing in 2017 and it was at this point he had a huge spiritual awakening, so much so it has inspired him to write about his story and the book will be released in Winter 2021. Kevin worked to gain his qualifications and it was through this process that he was visited by some of those loved ones in spirit that had been tragically taken away in his younger years as well as Archangels and Ascended Masters. Kevin now knew that this was what he was meant to be doing and he felt extremely blessed to have had this experience. 


Kevin Morris 

Kevin says ‘It helped me understand who we really are and that we are all Spirits having a human experience. I feel that my life experiences have helped me gain a greater understanding of why energy healing is very important especially as I'm personally proof that it works. The gift that I feel I have been given and the fact that I've been able to help so many people already makes

me so proud of the journey I have been on and passionate about the future.

Kevin is a Master teacher of Angelic Reiki and has taught workshops globally and he is also an experienced spiritual life coach.

His healing has helped and will continue to help those who have not only suffered like him but also people who would just like

to have a better general well-being in life.


Kevin’s empathy towards others brought from his own experiences means he is happy and driven to heal as many people as he can. The support from Kevin doesn’t just stop when the session ends, he also talks to many clients out of hours with aftercare because he feels it’s very important to give people that support structure and take them through their healing process. The Healings continue to have a huge impact on people's lives.

Lisa Marcella Dolan

My name is Lisa Marcella Dolan I am very passionate about holistic health and fitness. I became mindful of my own health when I fell pregnant with my first child in 2011 and I started to do my own research into harmful chemicals in our water system, in our food, care products, cleaning products, and the safety of vaccines, western medicine, chemtrails and GMOs and much more. I started eating organically Whole Foods only, whilst at the same time sourcing all-natural skincare and home care products and looking more into homeopathy and naturopathy.

By the time my daughter was born I had made a conscious decision to take a more holistic approach to motherhood I decided not to vaccinate my daughter and to exclusively breastfeed her. I even ate my own placenta due to the many health benefits it contains. I had completely cleaned up my diet and stop drinking alcohol and stop smoking and really took my duties as a parent very seriously. By the time my daughter was six weeks old, I had signed up to a boot camp fitness program and within a few months of the physical program I had achieved all my fitness goals and I lost over 25lb continuing with the health and fitness and living holistically I went on to have a second child in 2015 and I did my Level 3 PT course in 2017 and gave birth to my third child in 2018. My life has not been without its ups and downs over the years with two failed relationships and some very harsh life lessons. My own personal health and happiness and my children’s were always at the forefront of everything I did and they were part of my daily motivation and drive.


Lisa Dolan

Finally, feeling I had achieved the balance I wanted, I decided to help others. I started off my own fitness program, helping women who were struggling physically, mentally and emotionally. I've also completed level one and two practitioners angelic Reiki and Level 3 and four master teacher further strengthening and combining physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health on all levels.


My ultimate goal is to help raise the vibration of the collective mind, body and spirit with a holistic approach, so you are much more likely to experience wellness on a deeper level that allows for more light In your life and a joyful healthier way of living for a more fulfilling happy lifestyle.

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"I am delighted to be a client of this amazing venture! Lisa Dolan is a first-class fitness instructor with a wealth of knowledge of nutrition, health and exercise and a wonderfully powerful Reiki healer! Kevin Morris is the foremost Reiki master in the area, he provided me with an immediate assessment of my chakras to enable me to improve my diet, lifestyle and mental health. The healing and meditation sessions have been so powerful and life-changing. I can’t speak highly enough of them! Recommended"

Sadie Adshead

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