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Kevin and Lisa are excited to be able to introduce our new Codes of Consciousness Healing Centre based in Prescot.  This centre will allow us to provide an enhanced range of healing services to our clients in a safe and welcoming environment.   The sanctuary that we have created at the healing centre, welcomes clients with sounds of running water and soft music that then leads to a variety of different spaces for group or individual healing.


We are particularly proud to have some additional healers joining us at the centre to provide further support.


Together with the team of healers, you will now be able to experience healing services including:


Angelic Reiki, Sound Healing, Fitness, Massage and much more.

New Moon


The range of services provided by the Codes of Consciousness team includes:

Angelic Reiki with Crystal Healing and Chakra Alignment - With Angelic Reiki Masters Kevin or Lisa.

Spiritual Life Coaching with Kevin or Lisa.

Quantum Healing (available upon request)
Can help with Inner Child, Karmic wheel, Astral body, Cleansing of the soul, Past Life's and Present Life.

Light Language (available upon request) heals at a cellular level it can help you recognise your own gifts and life's purpose It can activate Dormant DNA and allows more for more light to come into your energy field, its not understood by the mind but its felt by the heart. Its known as our soul Language.

Sound Healing


Alternative therapies
      Sports massage
      Aromatherapy massage
      Deep tissue massage
      Hot stone massage
      Indian head massage

Angelic Reiki Courses available at Angelic Reiki Level 1&2 and Angelic reiki Level 3&4 Master Teacher
Fully accredited course By The Angelic Reiki association.

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Kevin Morris - Founder of Codes of Consciousness

Kevin’s empathy towards others is brought from his own experiences and challenges from losing people close to home to losing a business which resulted in putting him on extremely hard times.


Drawing on this experience and his journey provides Kevin with a greater understanding as to who we really are and that we are all Spirits having a human experience. It is this greater knowledge and personal experience of why energy healing is very important that drives Kevin to provide a healing environment such as the 'Healing Centre' to as many people as he can.


Kevin is a Master teacher of Angelic Reiki and has taught workshops globally and he is also an experienced spiritual life coach. His healing has helped and will continue to help those who have not only suffered like him but also people who would like to have better general well-being in life.

Treatments provided by Kevin include:

      Angelic Reiki with Crystal Healing and Chakra Alignment

​      Spiritual Life Coaching

      Motivational Coaching

      Quantum Healing 

      Light Language 

      Sound Healing

To read more about Kevin and his journey head to our about page

Kevin's sessions are available both as 121, Distance and as Group events.

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Lisa Dolan - Founder Codes of Consciousness

Lisa brings a passion for holistic health and fitness to the team at Codes of Consciousness, developed and enhanced by her own research into harmful chemicals in our water system, in our food, care products, cleaning products, and the safety of vaccines, western medicine, chemtrails and GMOs and much more.  It is this knowledge and the challenges experienced whilst pregnant and as a young mother and led Lisa to start eating organically whole foods only, whilst at the same time sourcing all-natural skincare and home care products and looking more into homeopathy and naturopathy


Drawing on this experience, Lisa brings her ultimate goal to help raise the vibration of the collective mind, body and spirit with a holistic approach to all of her sessions for the clients of Codes of Consciousness with a firm belief that you are much more likely to experience wellness on a deeper level that allows for more light In your life and a joyful healthier way of living for a more fulfilling happy lifestyle.

Working with Kevin, Lisa is also a fully qualified Angelic Reiki Master Teacher which further strengthens and combines physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health on all levels.

Treatments provided by Lisa include:

      Angelic Reiki with Crystal Healing and Chakra Alignment

​      Spiritual Life Coaching

      Quantum Healing 

      Light Language 

      Sound Healing

To read more about Lisa and her journey head to our about page

Lisa's sessions are available both as 121, Distance and as Group events.





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