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Healers Aren't Holy -
From Jack the Lad to Spiritual Healer
Kevin Morris

In, Kevin's first book, he takes us through his journey from the unremarkable to the extraordinary.

'Whilst my life has no beginning, middle and end, this story for the purposes of this book does, and looking back from where I am today, you may well conclude by the time that you finish it, that from worse than humble beginnings, it is remarkable where we end up.'

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Interview with Kevin Morris

Listen here as Kevin talks about his journey and reasoning behind his first book - Healers aren't Holy ahead of the pre launch on 11th November 2021.  

Book pre-launch event


Join Kevin for his Pre Launch Event as we hear more about his upcoming book ' Healers aren't Holy - 'from Jack the lad to spiritual healer'.

To join this event, head to zoom by clicking the below link.


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