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Dealing with the stress of day-to-day life

In our last blog, we focused on men’s mental health, however we all experience struggle or stress in our day-to-day lives.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, we saw mental health cases sharply rise and The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has been working to monitor the effect of the last year’s events on people’s well-being and mental health.

The report recorded a significant increase in cases but more importantly, significant decreases in people seeking medical or professional help.

As many of us know, when we are struggling it is often worse to leave these issues and not seek professional or medical advice,

Throughout the years I experienced a few challenges of my own including the loss of some of the key people in my life as well as a business.

I found that these tragic circumstances lead me to be in a very dark place in my life, however, instead of accepting my losses, I found the strength within myself to look for ways to deal with battles of depression and anxiety to ensure I remained strong for my family and my two daughters.

The team at Codes of Consciousness are all too familiar with the struggles we can experience in life, and we believe that there are measures that we can put in place in our lives to help us cope better in these times of struggle.

With the opening of our healing centre in September, I am pleased that we are now able to offer a broader variety of services to help improve your mindset and lifestyle to achieve the goal of a balanced life, services that are all important in today’s stressful society.

Some of the services that may help you deal with day-to-day depression or anxiety include:

Angelic Reiki with Crystal Healing and Chakra Alignment - With Angelic Reiki Masters Kevin or Lisa.

Spiritual Life Coaching with Kevin or Lisa.

Quantum Healing (available upon request)

Can help with Inner Child, Karmic wheel, Astral body, Cleansing of the soul, Past Life’s, and Present Life.

Light Language

(available upon request) heals at a cellular level it can help you recognise your gifts and life's purpose It can activate Dormant DNA and allow more for more light to come into your energy field, it’s not understood by the mind, but it’s felt by the heart. It’s known as our soul Language.

We look forward to welcoming and supporting you on your spiritual journey to aid the stresses of everyday life.

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