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Our Journey to Codes of Consciousness

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Launched in April 2021, Codes of Consciousness is the next phase in the journey to support people’s spirituality and healing from founder Kevin Morris.

Following on from many years of challenging experiences; and his spiritual awakening Kevin took the decision to move away from his career as a truck driver and embrace the world of Angelic Reiki. Kevin’s empathy towards others brought from his own experiences means he is happy and driven to heal as many people as he can which led to him to launch in 2018.

Since then, Kevin has helped thousands of people both in the UK from his practice in Liverpool and across the world with distance healing. The support clients received from Kevin didn’t just stop when the sessions ended though as he also found himself talking to many clients out of hours because he felt it was very important to give people that support structure and take them through their healing process.

This focus to provide support outside of the healing sessions created a vision for Kevin to look to the future of his business and start to research how he could evolve his services.

In 2020, Kevin met with Lisa Dolan and this meeting provided Kevin with the future vision he was seeking. Lisa, an expert nutritionist and fitness instructor was not only passionate about the link of nutrition with mental wellbeing but also interested in the services Kevin had been offering. Add to the this the connection that the two felt together and Codes of Consciousness was born.

Over the last 7 months Kevin and Lisa have brought both their households and passion for helping people together, working behind the scenes trialling several different events and healing sessions to now launch their collaboration under the umbrella of codes of consciousness.

The offering now provided by Kevin and Lisa, supports clients spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally creating a balanced life for all.

Clients can now benefit from Angelic Reiki, Crystal healing sessions to help clear energy and balance their chakras with the additional support, and advice on raising your vibration through nutrition and adopting a healthier lifestyle with lots of tips and techniques on how to protect energy on a daily basis.

To start on your healing journey why not book a session or get involved with one of our forthcoming meditation events by heading over to Book Here | codesofconsciousness

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