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The Empowerment of Self-Love

Updated: May 22, 2021

Lisa uses her journey of self-love to empower and help women who are struggling physically, mentally, and emotionally with her fitness program which combines physical and spiritual exercises.

Becoming mindful of her health during her first pregnancy in 2011, Lisa began researching more about the harmful chemicals in our water system, in our food, care products, cleaning products, and much more. She started eating organically whole foods only, and sourced all-natural skincare and home care products as she looked more into homeopathy living.

Taking a holistic approach to her health by the time her first child was born, Lisa began to clean up her diet which included quitting drinking and smoking. Deciding to clean up her lifestyle so she could take on her motherhood duties seriously, she also decided against vaccinating her Children and breastfed them exclusively.

Beginning her own fitness journey 6 weeks after the birth of her first child she joined a fitness boot camp, reaching her first fitness goal within a few months, she discovered a real passion and continued to develop. By 2017 she had completed a Level 3 personal training course, after this she believed she had found balance and decided she was ready to start helping others.

Lisa used training, exercise, nutrition, and health as an escape from the hardship she had experienced in her personal life, including her battle with post-natal depression and two failed relationships. She decided she wanted to help women with similar experiences to create an escape, using fitness as her tool to help, she wanted to empower women to believe in self-love.

In June 2020 she met Kevin Morris and they felt an instant connection to each other, Lisa completed level 1 and 2 practitioners Angelic Reiki and level 3 and 4 master teachers further strengthening and combining physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health on all levels. Expanding her fitness journey to join Kevin in the creation of Codes of Consciousness, Lisa now offers Angelic Reiki healing alongside her fitness and nutrition.

Over the last year her community of women has grown from starting in a garage gym, training 1 - 2 ladies at a time, to expanded to a marquee and she now hosts her fitness events at Kirkby ABC.

Lisa has created a fitness family of women who support and empower each other, teaching them all the importance of self-love.

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