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You Are What You Eat – The Law of Vibration

What you eat influences your mood and energy, you can improve your life by changing your mindset and diet. Food has the power to raise or lower your vibrational energy, every time you eat you absorb that foods energy into your body.

Your diet is just as important to your mental health as it is to your physical health. Foods with a high vibration will assist in detoxification in the body whereas low vibrational foods can create toxicity build up that not only effects the health of your cells but your mental health too.

Eliminating toxins from your body is a great place to start to be spiritually connected and have a healthy outlook on life. Adopting a more healthful and holistic way of life can make you feel more energetically abundant.

Low vibrational foods are usually heated, treated, bleached, pumped and washed in chemicals, pesticides and fertilisers. When processed, foods lose most of their beneficial energy and cannot give you the nutrients and energy your body needs for optimal health.

These foods are usually genetically modified, unnatural foods. Eating large amount of this food can result in ill health, such as causing blockages in the body and inducing feelings of lethargy and bloated-ness. One of the biggest changes that comes from eating food with a low vibration is the difference in mood and energy.

Processed foods have low vibrations and very little to no nutrients compared to foods with a high vibration that are usually plant based and nutrient dense. Transitioning to a high vibes diet not only has great health benefits but will also purify your body so that it works in harmony with your mind and spirit.

If you eat high vibrational foods, you will improve your mood by raising your frequency. High vibrational foods are usually naturally sourced and connected to the ground. The closer the food to the source, the closer you are to the source, and the more vibration the food holds. Usually grown in direct sunlight, they contain healthy energy. Using the energy from the sun to give higher frequency vibrations that benefit both your physical and spiritual health.

Natural foods help nourish your body and assist with detoxification. Creating a higher vibration makes you feel more optimistic and positive as a result and maintaining this high vibration is essential for staying healthy.

Everything you consume is life force energy. If you eat a lot of ‘dead’ energy (in the form of processed food) your vibrations will be lowered. But by eating nutrient-dense, organic your body absorbs the good energy making a person’s vibration higher.

We are energy bodies and high vibrational food, water and nutrition are the driving force to a healthy life.

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